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Printing Services

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re interested in having us print your work please read all of the following information before submitting files. If you have additional questions please let us know.

Obtaining A Quote

In order to provide you with an accurate quote we need to know the following information:
1. Size: What are the dimensions of the image and finished trim (paper) size?
2. Colors: How many colors is your art or design?
3. Quantity: How many prints in the edition?

There is no minimum quantity required to place an order, however minimum charges do apply. Printing less than 50 pieces in an edition is often not cost effective. Please indicate if you want specialty inks, i.e., metallic or fluorescent. Additional charges may apply.

Turn Time

Please contact us for availability.

Shipping and Handling

We typically ship FedEx 2nd day. To minimize the risk of damage during delivery, shipments are packed with no more than 125 full size (18 X 24 inch) prints per box.


Our standard stock is Domtar Cougar 100lb. Cover (Bright White or Natural.) It has a smooth, uncoated finish and it’s acid free. To request samples, please e-mail us with your name and address. We accept customer supplied stock, however we cannot guarantee results; some paper is better suited for screen printing than others.

Submitting Artwork

Following the guidelines below helps ensure your files are processed efficiently and print as intended. We accept Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files only. When e-mailing files please add to an archive (.zip, .sit, etc.) before transfer. Add your name or the job name to the subject line.

Image and Trim Size

Maximum live image area is 17” x 23”. Maximum trim size is 18” x24”. Our standard sheet is 20” x 26”.

Color Specifications

Please specify color using PANTONE coated or uncoated swatches only. Exact color matching is difficult to achieve. Our inks are generally brighter and more saturated than Pantone colors.

Adobe Illustrator

  1. Outline all fonts.
  2. Include all linked files.
  3. Halftone images are printed at 25 lpi unless otherwise specified.
  4. Specify intended print order.
  5. Eliminate stray points.
  6. Eliminate extraneous layers and flatten artwork.
  7. Eliminate all unused color swatches.

Note: Do not submit Adobe Illustrator files using CMYK color combinations; specify color using
PANTONE coated or uncoated swatches only. Delete all unused swatches. This eliminates
confusion and ensures proper film output. Adobe Illustrator files set in CMYK
mode and/or with extraneous swatches will be returned for revision.

Adobe Photoshop

  1. Save file as .psd at 300 dpi at 100%.
  2. Assign each color to a separate layer.
  3. Label each layer with its corresponding PANTONE coated or uncoated number.
  4. Halftone images are printed at 25 lpi unless otherwise specified.
  5. Specify print order.

Note: 35 lpi is the finest line screen we can print with consistent results. Dot density above 70% or below 10% can be problematic.

Objects intended to bleed should cross document boundaries into pasteboard area. Bleed value should be 1/8” (.125”).

Type Size and Line Weight

Type below 10 pt. is difficult to print with consistent results. For type set below 10 pt. we recommend sans serif, bold fonts. If type is knocked out we recommend setting it at a 12 pt. minimum.

Minimum line weight is 1 point; line weight below 1 point may not print properly.

We do not offer scanning services. We do not offer design services.